Connie Roberts' Cat Tea

Not Just Another Cup of Tea, Whistles by Connie Roberts: Known for her carved wooden whistle sculptures, local artist Connie Roberts shows larger works usually exhibited at venues such as SOFA in Chicago and elsewhere. Pieces include the Orpheum Theater, a “Masquerade Cruise Ship,” a chess set, a grouping of theme-teapots and teacups, and many more. One unique feature is the interactivity of these pieces. The Orpheum can be "staged" to show various acts and audience responses, for example.

Roberts has been commissioned to create pieces for well-known entertainers and public figures such as Steven Spielberg and Rudy Giuliani. A prolific sketchbook artist, she has recently participated in the Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn, NY. A native of California, she has lived in Iowa City since the 1970s, when she completed her MFA in painting at the University of Iowa. (Cat Tea in progress, below. For more information on Connie Roberts, please visit her gallery web page.)


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Connie Roberts' Tin Tea with whistles
Connie Roberts' Masquerade Cruise Ship
Connie Roberts' Masquerade Cruise Ship with whistles
Connie Roberts' Garden Teapot
Connie Roberts' Garden Tea with whistles
Connie Roberts' Merry-go-round Teapot
Connie Roberts' Merry-go-round Teapot with whistles
Connie Roberts' Orpheum Theatre
Connie Roberts' interactive Orpheum Theatre, with whistles
Connie Roberts' beehive teapot and tic tac toe game
Connie Roberts' Beehive Teapot and Tic-Tac-Toe, with whistles
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